Social Issues Meet Personal Problems in Melody Ann’s HER UNEXPECTED HERO

Her Unexpected Hero

Her Unexpected Hero coverBook 1 in the Unexpected Heroes series
Author Melody Anne
Narrated by Rebecca Estrella
Published by Tantor Media
Publication date Jan 5, 2016
Running time 8 hrs

Audiobook provided by publisher for review. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.




Alyssa’s modeling career came to an abrupt end when her manager boyfriend emptied her bank account and ruined her professional reputation. Now she’s heading to a new town in Montana to rebuild her life—if she can even get there (stupid delayed planes!). But things are looking up when she’s upgraded to first class and a mysterious stranger sits down next to her.

Jackson Whitman doesn’t believe in love, or commitment, or forever—not since he lost his wife and daughter. But the beautiful woman sitting next to him at the gate has him rethinking that position. Can he convince her to be his for the night? Or will she convince him to be hers for a lifetime?

Contains mature themes.


My Take Oblong

Touching on a couple of social themes, like unplanned pregnancy, foster children, and income disparity, Melody Ann’s novel is a pleasant surprise in the quality of writing, complexity of the plot and completeness of continuity.  It is a fairy tale in the nature in its adoption scenario and a little nightmarish in its story of the life of an only moderately successful model.

In aspects of romance and relationship it is steamy, but not terribly explicit.   

In particular Jackson, the male love interest, is shallow and manipulative at first, and then is somewhat more deeply portrayed but still manipulative. Alyssa is regretful and justifiably bitter.  Sometimes Alyssa’s reactions seem out of proportion to the prompt for the reaction.

It’s the beginning of a spin off series, there is some back story missing, but I filled in the blanks.

I enjoyed the story but I am mixed on the narration.  It sounds mechanical: the female narrator does both male and female voices well, and her tone is soft. But this narration sounds so wooden, her phrasing/timing sounds like a robo-call.

It is.  As if.  It is being.  Punctuated,…like this.  Or, maybe she is going for an imitation of Shatner’s Captain Kirk.

I looked her up to see if she was a real person and not a digitized narration.  I listened to snippets of other narrations by her; some sound normal and in others she seems wooden and mechanical.  I still, to some degree, think her voice is somehow being mechanized for this series, but cannot prove it.

Otherwise, I enjoyed the story and think it was a somewhat steamy,  surprisingly good diversion.  I will have a review of the second book in the series: HER HOMETOWN HERO, next week.

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