Mini Blog Ahead: A Happier Blogger with Scheduled Posts

Blog Ahead I’ve signed up for a “meme” that will help me be a better blogger!   I’ve been staying ahead of myself better until recently and this mini-blog-ahead in May will help me get a little more ahead and be a happier blogger. This is a “Blog Ahead” Challenge from May 1 to May 15 where I hope to get up to get fifteen posts ahead of however many scheduled posts I have at the ready.

It only takes me a couple of days of vacation, being sick, a house project, a throwing a party, for me to lose ground with my ready-to-go-posts pile.  I have no trouble listening to or reading books, but, the writing of a review or other requires attention being taken away from something else.

If you can think of something I can post on in “It’s a History Thing” or just about books and reading, or if you would like to do a guest post or review a book, then use the contact form  (menu bar above the post) or comment here.

If you’re a blogger and want to sign up check out the host’s sign up link: