Alarm Bells & Wedding Bells? AIN’T SHE SWEET by Marie Force

Ain’t She Sweet

AINT_SHE_SWEET coverBy Marie Force
A Green Mountain Romance, Book 6
Category: Contemporary Romance | Women’s Fiction
E-Book & Mass Market Paperback
Penguin Random House/Berkley
Apr 26, 2016 | 320 Pages ISBN 9780425280836


E-Galley provided by publisher for review. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.




Charlotte “Charley” Abbott has gone out with every guy under thirty-five in Butler, Vermont—except for one. Tyler Westcott’s attempts to date her may be determined, and frequent, but Charley can’t stand how he acts like he knows her better than she knows herself. So when Tyler turns up at the running club Charley joined to train for a marathon, she’s almost ready to quit before she even gets started.

Tyler knows that behind Charley’s prickly personality and dismissive attitude is a sweet woman he wants in his life. And when Charley suffers an injury while training, Tyler is ready to prove that the perfect man for her has been right there all along…


My Take Oblong Shaped


Throughout this entire series I have wondered why Charley Abbot has a bug up her butt or, if you prefer, a chip on her shoulder.  Yeah, she had ONE bad boyfriend but she has an acerbic personality across the board and I could never figure it out.

I had some big issues with the last book in this series so I was worried going into, but it turned out sweet and sexy and fun.

I thought that Tyler was sweet and caring, but  while this story is possible because he doesn’t give up, I also question whether he is going to end up being a total creep. He’s not quite as rich, screwed up or kinky as Christian Grey (of EL James’ FIFTY SHADES OF GREY) was, but he also isn’t willing to accept “no.”

Why does this make a good love story, because it does, and I don’t know why.  Alarm bells were going off in my head: guy has money but he’s secretive about it, he’s hung up on a woman who has turned him down umpteen times because, he knows that deep down she’s really perfect for him.

Even the family has considerations; not because he is creepy, but because they feel they should be doing what he does when she is hurt. But, then they see that he’s an okay guy and is taking good care of Charley.

Beyond that point, Marie Force uses the one bad apple trope. And the guy was really bad. This is one of my least favorite tropes.   I could see Charley being all anti-relationship if she didn’t have a ton of other examples of great guys and great relationships handy. Also, she has so much family support (SO MUCH) that I just don’t get her “never love again”  issues. Her whole life is hiding from the potential or relationship pain; but with so many great relationships around her it didn’t work for me.

But, like I said, the story ends up sweet, and hot. Tyler isn’t a Ted-Bundy-in-waiting, which is not a spoiler because the series isn’t going there.  Weddings, and thus the post title bells figure heavily into this series; the Abbot family patriarchs fancy themselves matchmakers.  They’re doing a pretty good job too!

And, if Charley softens towards Tyler, will she be less nasty the rest of the time? Will love make her soft?

I like the inclusion of other story lines; in some very silky writing they actually influence Tyler’s and Charley’s romance. Will and Cameron, Patrick and Mary, and Megan and Hunter all get spots in this tale.

The series was redeemed for me in this book. While I still wonder about the wisdom of family-business, HR policies in the last book, this one was a kinder and gentler side of the series. I enjoyed it!


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