To the Manor Bored: HIS ROYAL PRINCESS by Jessica Clare




Princess Alex is described by Luke as having an elegant, but not pretty face, but with a great body, including a plump behind and small breasts.  Well, way to melt a girls heart – not the princesses, but the readers. Every woman wants to imagine themselves described this way.  The beginning of the story starts out in a funny but predictable way. 

This struck me as a short and silly sketch the writer used to help herself place the ONCE UPON A BILLIONAIRE novel mentioned in the blurb. It is not nearly as sex filled as the rest of the series, perhaps out of respect for the royal sensibilities of the princess?  I’m not sure what the duties of this royal family are as they are either away getting fresh air or, in Alex’s case, visiting the movie set. This girl is physically innocent: at 28 she’s never even been kissed. These royals obviously subscribe to a different way of doing things than the rest of European royals!

I found myself preferring the rough and ready  Luke to the Princess who scopes out naked guys on the internet. Actually, I liked her mother better and even the queen.

I was trying to remember who these royals were in relation to the royals in ONCE UPON A BILLIONAIRE (OUAB). I think it would be good, maybe, to read this short story immediately before or after OUAB —having the context more immediate would make this story much more interesting.

This was a solid “Meh.”

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