Bloggers and Readers, How do you feel about star ratings?   Not movie stars or celebrities but how we choose, and rate books as a a certain number of stars.

Since my first blog post over five years ago, I haven;t used star ratings, at least not regularly. One in  awhile I will say something is 10 out of 5 bags of douchiness or 3 of 3 hot peppers worth of hot. But I have never used a rating system for my posts.

Some bloggers do use them and I am surious as to why, and how they consistently judge and apply the ratings.   In a general system, that is there is one scale and the book is just rated on that one scale for the blogger’s reading experience, like “This book gets five stars!” how does the reviewer judge and decide how many stars to give?

If it is a multi-scale system, as in more than one star rating based on several critieria like heat, action, character development, series continuity, narration, etc. how does the blogger decide which criteria to give a system to and again how to apply it consistently.

I find I am too inconsistent in how I react to a read to apply a star system with consistency and fairness. A single system also feels too general to me.  But, to do it variable by variable seems like it would take as much time and effort as writing the review.

Do you use a system, or if you don’t blog, do you use them as a reader to decide what to read?  If you do decide what to read based on stars is it because you trust that a reviewer is applying it as shorthand for the entire experience?

If you do use them how do you decide how many stars to give a book?

I like my little graphics that describe a book and sometimes my reactions to the book, but otherwise, I tend more to leave it to my post about the whole book.