Early Review: LUCK, LOVE & LEMON PIE


luck_love_lemon_pieby Amy E. Reichert
Simon and Schuster/Gallery Books (July 12, 2016)
E-Book & Paperback: 320 pages
Audio: Blackstone Audio, Inc.; Unabridged MP3CD edition (July 12, 2016)

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From the author of the “clever, creative, and sweetly delicious” (Kirkus Reviews) The Coincidence of Coconut Cake comes a novel about an exasperated wife and mother who makes a play to reignite her marriage—and risks everything in a gamble she hopes is a sure bet.

When Milwaukee-area MJ Boudreaux notices her husband Chris seems more interested in the casino than in spending time together, she’s more bothered by her own apathy than by his absence. So she picks up poker as a way for them to spend more time together—and rekindle their marital flame.

Although the game doesn’t provide the quality time with Chris that she’d hoped for, MJ finds she has an uncanny knack for it. Increasingly unhappy at home and intoxicated with newfound freedom, MJ escapes to the felt for comfort and spends less and less time with her family.
After a string of great wins, MJ finds herself in Vegas, attracting the attention of a certain magnetic poker star. But when she’s forced to choose between her family and her new exciting lifestyle, the stakes may be higher than she thought. MJ must play her hand carefully…or risk losing it all.


My Take Oblong Shaped


When this begins it is obvious to everyone, except MJ’s husband, that this is a marriage in trouble: Standing each other up, mysterious calls, lies.

So what do you do? TALK ABOUT IT? No, of course not, you adopt a habit similar to your partner’s  so you can have something in common. MJ and Chris gamble with their marriage and family at stake. If only they would sit down and gamble on honest  communication!

What this couple needs is a counselor, and to face their issues.  It’s obvious by the way MJ talks to her friends that she has been scornful of his behavior for a while.

But, that’s a boring book.  Unfortunately, the book was a bore for me anyway.  

I liked the last book: it was culinary and based on misrepresentation of characters.  This is named in a culinary way to associate it with THE COINCIDENCE OF COCONUT CAKE, and thus to interest fans of the prior book.

But this has so little to do with food other than MJ can’t cook and her husband and she meet over a lemon custard pie. It has so much more to do with poker, I feel the title was a misrepresentation of the story. It could have been named something poker/casino or gambling related.

There are a lot of poker games. A lot of descriptions of people playing poker and of the competition between players.  It’s like having any major sport explained to you when you have no interest.

One thing, other than the poker, and lack of communication, is an event where Chris hears mice, and the wife rips out the wall. WTF! What if it were something else, like raccoons, skunks. wasps? It was just crazy.

This is an early review and it’s weird, because it had been on my Kindle forever so I read it and then found it was to publish in July. Oh well, I see others have already written it up, so I figured I would get my two cents in as well.

The story does show a strong parental presence and how children may suffer when that is removed, even temporarily. It also demonstrates the power of friendship. And, what feeling attractive can do for a girl.

So, on balance, it has its good points, but the basic trope s poor communication.

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