Painting Myself Out of a Corner

I am off to a painting workshop on an island off the coast of Maine and so will be offline for a few days.  Yes, this makes me incredibly nervous.  Since I won’t be able to post or reply to comments I am leaving you with some pictures of what I have painted this past year.  And, I’m turning off comments.  That way no one can be offended because I am not responding to them.

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Because this island is a fairly long ferry ride away, the participants have to bring everything they will possibly need.  It’s like sending a kid to camp – but I’m the kid!   I have been prepping for months and getting all my stuff together.  Carts don’t work on the island so everything has to be backpacked in. Oh goody.

While I have often painted en plein aire (aka as outside, on site) I have never gone to “painting sleep-away camp” before.

So, it’s like having a new kid and going, well, anywhere. What might I need? Don’t worry, I am packing it!

Thanks for visiting, see you Monday!