WHERE THE WILD THINGS BITE: Worst Business Trip Ever!

Where the Wild Things Bite

where-the-wild-things-bite-9781476794402_lgHalf-Moon Hollow Series (Book 8)
By Molly Harper
Pocket Books/Simon and Schuster
Available on or around July 26, 2016
E-Book & Mass Market Paperback: 304 pages

Galley provided by publisher for review. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.






In [Molly’s] new paranormal romance, a rare-book expert is delivering a package to Half Moon Hollow when her plane goes down, and a sexy vampire comes to her rescue. He’s clearly got ulterior motives, but does he want to date her…or devour her?

Delivering a rare book to a valued customer is definitely part of mild-mannered archivist Anna Winthrop’s job description. You know what isn’t? Protecting her precious cargo from mid-flight theft by the very pilot who is flying her to Half-Moon Hollow…while trying to appear as unappetizing as possible to the only other passenger, a vampire. Undead bookstore owner Jane Jameson could be waiting a very long time for her book. Possibly forever.

Fortunately, Anna’s dashing fanged companion Finn Palmeroy helps her fend off the attack, but not before their plane crash lands in the forest hundreds of miles from civilization. Great, now she’s stranded with a priceless tome and a rakish vampire whose bedtime is fast approaching. Why does everyone want this book so badly, anyway? Anna just wants to get it to Jane before Finn decides to turn her into dinner—or sweep her off her feet. Okay, the second option is really tempting. But they’re not out of the woods yet… http://mollyharper.com/


My Take Oblong Shaped

When I get a book or galley from Molly’s publisher I am always happy and it is like my favorite dessert in the fridge waiting to be portioned out.  The trouble is it is my favorite and small portioning and good intentions fall away and find me at the bottom(end) of the dish(book)  with a  glazed eyes, a smile and usually some guilt. 

I always read them early.

This one is different, the central male character is Finn Palmeroy who I believe we first met in THE SINGLE UNDEAD MOM’S CLUB. He’s a con artist/thief, but was raised by one, to be one during the early twentieth century.  I think he feels bad about it but is not really well aware of another way.  I like that Molly gives Finn a chance to come clean, but in my heart I don’t think it will last.

As with many bad boys (only in fiction) it’s the love of a good woman which sets him on a better road.   I was reminded of a scene in True Blood at least once in this tale.

A con in this story was the complexity of the particulars of the manuscript and its importance; I never really “got” it. Also I was confused about the crossover between shifters and were-animals.  

Another con was my lack of investment in the major characters: one is totally new and the other is known to us for only half of the last book.

The best thing in the book was Anna’s overcoming many of her parent-instilled neurosis. As someone brought up to fear things as mundane as a left turn, I could appreciate the character’s struggles.

The places and events in this tale, and the unreality of them, the denizens of the plane crash location, and the over-the-top  wacky story were not what I usually get from one of my favorite authors.  IMHO it’s not Molly’s best.

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Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Where-Wild-Things-Half-Moon-Hollow/dp/1476794405

Molly’s Website (book and series info and additional purchase links): http://mollyharper.com/

S&S http://books.simonandschuster.com/Where-the-Wild-Things-Bite/Molly-Harper/9781476794402