SHOW ME AND UNWRAPPED by Jaci Burton: No, Just No,…

Show Me & Unwrapped

Show_Me_&_Unwrapped  Audiobook Bundle
Author Jaci Burton
Narrated by Lucy Malone
Published by Tantor Media
Publication date Jun 15, 2016
Running time 6 hrs

Audiobook provided by publisher for review. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.



In this exciting collection, bestselling author Jaci Burton presents two must-listen romance novellas.

In Show Me: Janine Bartolino has a pristine reputation to maintain. Responsible for managing her late father’s philanthropic interests, she has always kept both feet firmly planted on the side of staid and reserved. So when her friends surprise her on her birthday with a visit to an exclusive club that indulges in voyeurism and exhibitionism, she’s shocked—but oh so intrigued. Especially when she meets the sexiest man she’s ever laid eyes on . . .

In Unwrapped: Amy has worked hard to keep her private life separate from the buttoned-down world that exists in her law firm, where she’s wrestled her way into a partnership. And there’s no way she’d let someone younger than her like brash Justin Garrett get a step up on her. Justin might be smart and savvy, and also the star of some of her wildest fantasies, but work is where he belongs and where he’ll stay.

But when they’re stuck together doing a corporate acquisition in Hawaii over the Christmas holidays, Justin is determined to give Amy a holiday she’ll never forget.

My Take Oblong Shaped


I usually enjoy Jaci Burton’s short-form erotica.  I certainly enjoyed HOT HOLIDAY NIGHTS, her holiday story set in Hawaii and that’s probably why I asked for this bundled set.  That story was hot. 

While I don’t have a lot of expectations for short-form erotica, I have higher expectations for this author who normally writes better quality fiction than this. These stories are  about exploring voyeurism and other sexual fantasies like menage.

The first story, Show Me, starts out with some friends surprising an uptight woman with a birthday visit to a sex club without explaining what it is; a visit sure to embarrass and hurt her.  Then, she is continuously pushed into uncomfortable situations which could have implications beyond what might embarrass just her or make her uncomfortable.   It pissed me off and I didn’t think it was at all hot.

Also, I didn’t understand some of the language used: When Janine asks her friends where they are taking her one replies “A place for down, you are going to love this.” (page one, SHOW ME).
What does “down” mean in this context?

I felt like Janine was tricked, she was pushed into sexual behavior that she felt was risky and which put the organization she ran at risk. Her friends’ behavior in taking her to this club was appalling.  I felt the voyeurism spilled over in to a D/s power exchange. I don’t know if that is normal for people with a voyeurism fetish.

The second story in the duet, Unwrapped,  is placed in Hawaii, and the story was just too unreal from the beginning. It’s the better of the two stories but still not as good as other work I have read by Burton. Again, I felt Amy was pushed into behaviors that she might have fantasized about. But, just because something is a fantasy doesn’t mean it should become reality. 

The plane trip to Hawaii is the start of Amy behaving totally outside her personality. Maybe it is what gives Justin the green light for pushing her fantasies on her.  It’s unreal, and unbelievable. Check out what happens on the plane in the “Look Inside” for the single story on Amazon.

The hook-ups in these stories didn’t mitigate how I felt when the characters were pushed into risky behavior.   I am accustomed to Burton’s erotica being different than her erotic romance; the characters’ language use often belies their education and social status. At least in this book the language isn’t really crude.

The narrator is fair; any one who could read this without laughing would be a champion.  The accents she gives the men, are pronounced and vaguely Latino or Mediterranean.  I didn’t think they were very well done and may have exacerbated my negative reaction to the book.

To sum it up, my personal reactions to people being cornered or tricked is usually negative. Coupling that with risky behavior that might impact others besides the people engaged in a particular action is not sexy to me.  I don’t think this was great erotica or romance.


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