Evanovich & Sutton Deliver More of the Same, But Differently, with CURIOUS MINDS

Curious Minds

Curious_Minds CoverA Knight and Moon Novel
By: Janet Evanovich & Phoef Sutton
Narrator: Lorelei King
Imprint: Random House
Genre: Fiction – Thrillers – General 

Release Date: August 16, 2016 

Duration 7 Hours

Audiobook provided by publisher for review. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.




Janet Evanovich, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Stephanie Plum series, teams up with Emmy-winning writer Phoef Sutton for a brand-new series of mysteries featuring Emerson Knight and Riley Moon, a dynamic duo with instant and undeniable chemistry.
Emerson Knight is introverted, eccentric, and has little to no sense of social etiquette. Good thing he’s also brilliant, rich, and (some people might say) handsome, or he’d probably be homeless. Riley Moon has just graduated from Harvard Business and Harvard Law. Her aggressive Texas spitfire attitude has helped her land her dream job as a junior analyst with mega-bank Blane-Grunwald. At least Riley Moon thought it was her dream job, until she is given her first assignment: babysitting Emerson Knight.
What starts off as an inquiry about missing bank funds in the Knight account leads to inquiries about a missing man, missing gold, and a life-and-death race across the country. Through the streets of Washington, D.C., and down into the underground vault of the Federal Reserve in New York City, an evil plan is exposed. A plan so sinister that only a megalomaniac could think it up, and only the unlikely duo of the irrepressibly charming Emerson Knight and the tenacious Riley Moon can stop it.

My Take Oblong Shaped


Janet Evanovich has found a winning formula for her books. This new series with Phoef Sutton echoes both the solo effort, wildly successful Stephanie Plum series and the also successful team effort Fox and O’Hare series with David Goldberg. Of course, you could say all novels have these components, but Evanovich’s, in particular, feel obvious. 

Phoef Sutton has also written the Diesel and Lizzy story WICKED CHARMS.

There’s a woman who is inexperienced in some way, and experienced in others. Riley Moon is the female character in this series is super smart, well-educated, and a little naive in some ways.  She is well educated and has just entered into her first job. She feels naive in the ways of the world. It’s hard for her to break rules, much in the way that Fox and O’Hare’s (Evanovich’s series with David Goldberg) Kate O’Hare has a hard time breaking rules.

We also get a man, or in the Stephanie Plum series there are two. Here we seem to get a little more lattitude in character development.  In this series the male character to fill in this slot is a lot like the Aspergian Don Tilman in Graeme Simion’s THE ROSIE PROJECT.  He’s rich, and quirky and is similarly unconcerned with the way people normally do things.  He’s a little more scientific than Nick Fox from Fox and O’Hare.

Then there’s a crime of some kind. Sometimes in the Plum series the crime is intertwined with several story lines.

And we have a sexual attraction which can take some time to become realized by action.

Now, the formula idea is great – and not uncommon – but with different writing buddies, the formula application results are not equally successful.  I didn’t like WICKED CHARMS, but I liked this story more.  All the plots in all the series are a little hard to believe and this is no exception but while it is a stretch, it is also quite cleverly worked out.

Lorelei King has been the voice in every Evanovich book I’ve listened to except for the Fox and O’Hare series which is read by , and she does an excellent job. Her wry delivery offers the perfect tone to every funny line. Having the same narrator for most series makes the characters meld in my mind; they often feel the same.

This is funny, and like the frisson of attraction between the characters.  There aren’t really any surprises here – remember, it’s a formula, but if you like having a framework and like a reliable story then this is a great choice for you.

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