OAKHAM MOUNT POST “I DO” Review from Sophia Rose


OAKHAM MOUNT coverby Sophia Meredith
#2 Pemberley Departures
Historical Romance, Austenesque, JAFF
Publisher: 32 Flavors LLC (author self-publishes)
Published: 7.2.16
Pages: 153
Format: e-book

Source: author
Reviewer: Sophia Rose

Author provided by publisher for review. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are those of the reviewer except as noted.


Title: After the ‘I Do’: Beyond Oakham Mount

 It is the wedding day of Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy, and the obstacles and misunderstandings which very nearly kept them apart are now behind them. Thus, the couple begin their new life together with a great deal of delight, humor, and love. At Pemberley, Elizabeth will eagerly take up her exalted role as Mrs. Darcy but not if that means losing herself to do so. Later, they begin a search for a suitable estate in the vicinity for the Bingleys and open their doors to a large house party of their dearest friends and relations. Unfortunately, there are some unexpected guests as well, though Elizabeth is determined not to let neither her mother nor Caroline Bingley cut up her peace. In fact, it is Lord Alnwick, the elder brother of Colonel Fitzwilliam, who threatens to do just that. The Darcy’s love may overcome the petty selfishness and malice of others, but can it withstand the act of a desperate man who blames Darcy for his ruination? Or will it take from Fitzwilliam Darcy the one thing he treasures above all else, his wife?

This Pride & Prejudice continuation is a sequel to the best-selling Pride & Prejudice variation, On Oakham Mount.




What comes after the happily ever after is always a favorite theme for me. This was the first in a series of novellas that take that on for William Darcy, Elizabeth Bennet, and the rest of Sophia Meredith’s On Oakham Mount cast of characters. The author explains that this series of novellas will be an expansion of the epilogue at the end of book one.

This particular novella takes things from the wedding to a certain milestone event for the Darcys. They’ve begun settling into married life surrounded by both their families also continuing on with their circumstances. For the most part, it is full of sweet and endearing moments for the newlyweds.

This is a gently paced piece that is narrated by both Darcy and Elizabeth, but she is the focal point as she has the most adjustments to make. Never fear that entering a higher class of society will douse Lizzy’s spirit. Lizzy gets the bit between her teeth about insisting on a certain decrepit estate nearby and waves her hand at all the work needed if it means having her beloved sister close by and insists on going it her own way over a personal matter and getting mad at Darcy because he doesn’t instantly see it her way. And Darcy, he has come a long way with the arrogance and taciturnity so he is a gently, loving husband. However, he must always keep it in mind that his young wife came from a much different background and will see things differently and need his guidance or sometimes his flexibility as she handles the complexity of societies’ ways. I must say that I enjoyed these moments as they showcase a young couple getting used to the reality of marriage.

I enjoyed that all the characters and a few new ones are reprised for this follow-up. Probably the most intriguing character for me was the author’s own creation and the villain of the piece, Viscount Alnwick, Darcy’s cousin and the older brother of Colonel Fitz. He was a bitter, slithery type who enjoys causing trouble for Darcy by planting lies with Elizabeth who is susceptible in a weak moment. He really stirred things up and he’s family so that will keep things interesting for everyone.

I look forward to the ongoing series of follow-up novellas and hope to see where things go for William and Elizabeth, but particularly for Col Fitz, Georgiana, Kitty, and the conniving Alnick.

The author’s writing continues to be a pleasure and it was fun to spot all the Regency Cant words and phrases more in the spirit of Heyer rather than Austen. Just a reminder this isn’t mean to be a standalone, but a follow-up story.

My thanks to the author for the opportunity to read her book in exchange for an honest review.              


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