UNDEAD AND DONE BY MJ Davidson Sort of brings Queen Betsy’s Reign to an End

Undead and Done


By MaryJanice Davidson
Queen Betsy #15
Category: Paranormal Fiction | Paranormal Romance | Fantasy
Penguin Random House/Berkley
Ebook & Hardcover: Oct 04, 2016 | 304 Pages

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Vampire Queen Betsy Taylor continues her rule in Hell in the scorchingly funny finale to the Undead series from New York Times bestselling author MaryJanice Davidson.

It had been a well-kept secret for centuries, but now the existence of vampires is all over the news, thanks to Betsy Taylor’s half sister (and the frustrated former Antichrist), Laura. Life for the undead will never be the same, and it’s up to Betsy to do some damage control. But her interview on the local news doesn’t exactly put out the fire. It more or less pours kerosene on it.

With all the added attention on supernatural beings, the werewolves are more than a little agitated (never a good thing) and demand that Betsy gets her interview skills, and her family, in order. And while things go from bad to worse in the world, Hell continues to be hell—especially when Betsy’s new parole program becomes about as complicated as you’d expect.

With a PR team launching a vampire-friendly campaign, the devil at large and out to make trouble, and mermaids on hand to see who falls—and how hard—the end isn’t just near. It’s here.



My Take Oblong Shaped

I have often thought MJD was going off the rails with this series so I am glad to see it coming to an end.  She brings most of it full circle with a really satisfying ending.  I feel we may occasionally see Betsy, et al. in short stories from time to time.

One thing that has worked throughout the series is Betsy becoming more mature; this has been a personal journey for this character.  I have had a hard time throughout understanding the metaphysics of MJD’s Queen Betsy’s world. And, to be sure it is pretty fluid and is less like an urban fantasy than it is a farce with supernatural beings.  

One thing that has never been in question is MJD’s wildly imaginative, implausible, what-if approach to her stories and her sense of humor in developing a self-deprecating, humble-in-all-but-her-fashion-sense, vampire queen.    This is a MUST READ if you have been a follower.  And, while I think it is best read in order, I myself have skipped a couple of books in the series and still been able to follow the storylines. This probably has a lot to do with that loose world-building I reference above.

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