A God Run Amok: Eileen Wilk’s UNBINDING (A Sophia Rose Review)


UNBINDING Cover#11 World of the Lupi
by Eileen Wilks
Urban Fantasy
Penguin Random House/Berkley
Ebook  & Mass Market Paperback
Oct 07, 2014 | 400 Pages

REVIEWER: Sophia Rose

In the newest Novel of the Lupi, the human and elven worlds are both about to come under attack…

After questing through the sidhe realms with her ex-hellhound lover, Nathan, Kai Tallman Michalski has finally returned home. But she knows Nathan will eventually be called back to serve his queen—and Kai will have to decide whether to enter her majesty’s service as well. Sure, the job comes with great bennies, but there’s one big downside: she would have to swear absolute fealty to the Queen of Winter.

For now, though, Kai is glad to be home, and glad that Nathan completed his mission for his queen with surprising ease. But what seemed to be a quick conclusion turns out to be anything but. The two of them helped thwart the sidhe god of chaos—and he is not happy about that. He’s got plans for them. Plans, too, for the sidhe who killed him some three millennia ago. Nor has he abandoned his plans for Earth, as they learn when chaos begins bursting out all over…  http://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/312817/unbinding-by-eileen-wilks/




Sophia RoseThe World of the Lupi series has been a wide and varied world following mostly the story of FBI Magic Unit Special Agent Lily Lu and her Lupi mate, Rule Turner. Occasionally, however, the author allows some of the other characters from the large cast to take the center stage. In this installment, the author takes a break from the series arc story line to have a reunion with recurring characters, Kai and Nathan.

Kai and Nathan first appeared in the novella, Inhuman, from the anthology, On the Prowl. Next, they are encountered in Night Season when Cullen and Cyenna adventure in the Faerie realm, and finally in the previous installment, Ritual Magic where they antagonized a god of chaos and he is now set on revenge.

The World of the Lupi has always struck me as Urban Fantasy for the analytical. If the reader loves to explore all the detail and explanation behind the supernatural world (or should I say worlds since there are many realms) the author created, then this series hits the spot. The author has the talented ability to pair detailed explanation with rich world-building, sharp and exciting action and intrigue, and characters that are deftly painted so that they layer with flaws and strengths that make them feel like real people and not some perfect and perfectly talented supe who will always do the right thing and save the day.

This book, Unbinding, not only is no exception to all the above, it is more so than many in the series all about the details and explanations. I notice when the author brings in the Faerie realm that it tends to be like that. This story also takes a slight detour from where things are going. Lily and Rule are off scene, but all the other usual suspects are around to help Kai and Nathan take down a mad god.

The story poses internal conflicts along with the external. Kai is having what is closest described as an identity crisis. She has been living in Faery with Nathan and trying to develop her magical gift, but now back in the human realm she doubts herself, doubts her relationship with Nathan, and has no idea what is to be next for her. And she very much doubts that she can help with the problem at hand let alone survive it particularly when Nathan has closed her off and has his own hunt afoot. Nathan, like a typical male, is in protect mode and will do what he feels is best to keep Kai safe and take down the big baddie for good. As to the external conflict, as is par for the course with this author, it got pretty desperate and intense, enemies had the good guys on the run, and there were some big twists before the end came about. Just when I thought I had it all figured out, rug went out from under me and not just once.

Like with the usual stories, I love the camaraderie of the group who fight off the bad guys and was glad that they were not missing for this side trail with Kai and Nathan. Benedict and Arjenie along with Cullen and Cyenna, Isen, Nellie, Acklesford, and Ruben. Loved that hint of a secret about Cullen and I can’t wait to see if I guessed that one right in further stories.

In summary, it was another cunning Urban Fantasy adventure and I highly recommend this series to other UF fans who love getting the ‘hows and whys’ along with all the excitement.


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PUBLISHER: http://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/312817/unbinding-by-eileen-wilks/

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