THE RULE BOOK: A Modern Fairy Tale

The Rule Book

THE RULE BOOK coverRule Breakers #1
By: Jennifer Blackwood
Narrator: Alex McKenna
Penguin Random House Audio/Random House Audio
Genre: Fiction – Romance – New Adult
Release Date: January 03, 2017
9 Hours and 13 Minutes

I voluntarily reviewed a publisher-provided, review copy of this book. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.


Starr Media Second-Assistant Survival Guide
1. Don’t call your hot boss the antichrist to his face.
2. Don’t stare at hot boss’s, um, package or his full sleeve of tattoos. (No. Really. Stop!)
3. Don’t get on the malicious first assistant’s bad side.
4. Don’t forget to memorize the 300-page employee manual.
5. If you value your cashmere, steer clear of boss’s dog.
6. Boss’s dimples are lust-inducing. Do. Not. Give. In.
7. “The elevator ate your clothes” is not a valid excuse for showing up to important meetings half dressed.
8. Don’t break seven of the rules within the first week of employment if you, ya know, are in dire need of money to support your sick mom.
9. Whatever you do, don’t fall for the boss. See rule eight about sick mom.
10. Never forget the rules. –


My Take Oblong Shaped


Well, I listened to this cute story twice and I liken it to Chick-Lit Fairy Tale.  Only these days the girl gets it all.  I wouldn’t say it was a one to one correlation to a particular fairy tale I see elements of SNOW WHITE, CINDERELLA, and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.

One issue I have — and it is not just with this story — is the compression, speeding up of, or exaggeration of, actual, time.  How long it takes to become a “Fortune 500” company and what it means. Yes, Brogan Starr is a young CEO, but even he says he is so “by-the-rules” is because it is the first few years of the company.  Fortune 500 companies are the biggest in the country and his isn’t. Yes, there are a few Mark Zuckerbergs out there but his product was a new way for people to communicate online and the market is anyone with an internet connection.

She does give him a realistic work schedule though.  No house help, no official dog walker, no trappings of wealth.

Believability is important to me. Some fantasy is okay but if the book doesn’t ring true then, blech. Thus,another issue for me is that Lainey is hired to be the second assistant sight unseen. If you were hiring someone for IT you might Skype an interview but since neither recognized each other I assume that was not the means.  I just found it really hard to believe that premise in the plot, and it is important because it sets up their actual first meeting. 

The book makes Lainey a beautiful but inexperienced 24 year-old, and an MBA with no work experience. Most MBA programs have practical experience in them.

The voice is good: peppy and young but a little chirpy.

All in all, the book is cute.  There’s some sheet time but not a lot of it. It’s not entirely light because of sickness and creepy business deals, but I wouldn’t say it is dark. It’s about the CEO needing grow personally and a Second Assistant learning about the the real nature of a competitive business environment.

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