Stumbling Onto Another Mystery: DEADER HOMES AND GARDENS


DEADER HOMES & GARDENSSouthern Ghost Hunter Mysteries, Book 4
Written by: Angie Fox
Narrated by: Tavia Gilbert
Length: 6 hrs and 43 mins
Unabridged Audiobook | Genre Paranormal Cozy Mystery
Release Date: 01-24-17
Publisher: Audible Studios
Formats available: audio through Audible Studios (ebook and print through Moose Island Books)

REVIEWER: Sophia Rose


Audiobook provided by publisher for review. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.

Southern belle Verity Long is back in business—as a ghost hunter. Now all she has to do is visit the town’s creepiest mansion and exorcise a family of vengeful spirits. Piece of cake. After all, ghosts love her and need her…that is until she meets the ghosts of Rock Fall mansion. They’ll do anything to keep their murderous secrets hidden within the cliff-side fortress—even if that means getting rid of one meddling ghost hunter.

With the entire town skeptical and scrutinizing her every move, Verity struggles to uncover the century-old mystery behind the house. And when she stumbles upon a very fresh, very dead body, she realizes there’s more to it than she ever imagined. With the help of her sexy cop boyfriend, Ellis, and her ghostly gangster sidekick, Frankie, she braves the overgrown gardens, the desolate family cemetery, and the haunted mansion that have been locked away for generations. But can Verity unearth the truth before she’s the next one buried on the deadly grounds?





Well Gang We Stumbled Onto Another Mystery

Killer title, right? Yeah, sorry couldn’t resist that one.  However, that’s really what snagged my attention first. The whimsical cover screamed cozy mystery to me and that’s fine because I’ve been meaning to try more of them.

When I finished, I looked around and lamented the fact that I really needed to go back for the whole series. I’d missed out. Southern gal ghost hunter, quirky small town and residents, colorful ghost companion, swoony Sheriff’s Deputy flame, ghost-riddled mansion, cursed family, and Egyptian tomb treasure made my interest perk right up and stay there.

Verity was a heroine that I enjoyed though there were times that I shook my head over her lack of self-preservation. She’s bubbly and an all-around nice girl. She’s at the stage where she’s making the most of the circumstances that have her tied to a ghost. Instead of getting down about being the town kook, she wears that t-shirt with pizzazz. This is her first job in her new business after doing it all for free in the past. I admired how intrepid she was and concerned for the interests of all involved.

This was great fun with the humor splashed on liberally, but also had a pretty gritty ghostly mystery, too. I was nearly hyperventilating in one scene (take that with a grain of salt since I’m a wuss about scary stuff). The mystery had me curious and I had pieces of the solution, but not the entire thing before the reveal.

I experienced this story in audio edition. This was my first time with Tavia Gilbert for a narrator. I enjoyed her voice and her storytelling style. Her general narration voice is soothing without being soporific. She nailed the humor and had me figuratively chewing my nails during the scary crazy moments in the haunted mansion. I thought her Frankie the gangster ghost was perfect. She didn’t over do the gangsta schtick, but got the wry pragmatism. I’d definitely listen to more of her work.

All in all, this was a great first outing with a new to me author and series. I’ve got book one ready to go and would push this one at those who enjoy cozy mysteries that shade a little dark blended with the paranormal.


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