TREAT ME, THRILL ME: Cliff Hanging Now

Treat Me, Thrill Me

Treat Me, Thrill Me One Night with Sole Regret Anthology
Book 4 in the One Night with Sole Regret Anthology series
By Olivia Cunning
Narrated by Justine O. Keef
Published by Tantor Media
Publication date Mar 7, 2017
Running time 14 hrs

I voluntarily reviewed an advance readers copy of this book. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.



Treat Me: From the outside, Sole Regret’s lead vocalist Jacob “Shade” Silverton seems to have it all—fame and fortune, self-confidence and sex appeal. He also has a sweet, young daughter who rules his heart. On the inside, he knows something’s missing from his perfect life and longs for the right woman to make his broken family whole. His new lover Amanda might be the one. As he spends a long weekend with her and discovers how she loves his daughter, warms his heart, rocks his bed, and genuinely cares about the real him—not just the rock star that holds the spotlight—he becomes convinced she is the one. Unfortunately, Amanda comes with some baggage. Her younger sister is Jacob’s ex-wife, and Tina has never been the type to offer her blessing.

Thrill Me: Sole Regret’s sex-obsessed bassist Owen Mitchell has always rocked with the ladies and rolled with the punches. He knows Caitlyn’s just looking for a fling with someone more fun and adventurous than her ex-husband, but Owen is drawn to the geeky temptress like a rocker’s drawn to a heavy riff. He’ll keep thrilling her in the bedroom to keep her coming back for more. He has faith that someday she’ll admit that they’re meant to be together.


My Take Oblong Shaped

I really love Olivia Cunning’s rock and romance series. But having said that, this two disc set is my least favorite. 

That could have something to do with the technical issues I think may be particular to my experience.  I simply could not get the chapters to play in order.

If you want to start this series do not start here – there is way too much backstory.  Indeed, this series reads much more like a serial than a series wherein each book continues from the previous but is separate book.

There’s a lot of story as well as hook ups in these interwoven stories.
Owen and Caitlyn and the groupie that Owen and his mom are helping out are a strange love and annoyance triangle.  Then, if you add in the tangle of the relationship Owen and a friend who is “almost like a brother,”  potential family crises and a massive potential band crisis, you get a book where the characters’ only satisfaction is going to be in the bedroom.

Jacob’s story with his ex-wife Tina, their daughter, his ex-wife’s sister Amanda, and Jacob’s feud with the band’s song writer and bassist forms another edge of the complex shape that is SOLE REGRET. Just when I thought Jacob went off the deep end, it seems like he may be a brilliant strategist in the war game his ex-wife has decided to play.

Justine O. Keef is a good narrator for the series.  Her voice can be quirky, smokey or mature (without making women my age sound like we’re MUCH older).  Her make voices are okay – they don’t sound like stupid teenagers and they are distinct.

I did think the story of sexual exploration offered up for Owen’s and Caitlyn’s story is a little on the contrived side. And, Jacob’s professional meltdown is a little overdone. There was a little too much sex in Owen’s and Caitlyn’s tale,  I think the stamina Owen possesses, not to mention the quantities of seminal fluid’s he seems to produce are possibly world record material.  

Big, BIG cliffhangers exist in both stories in this entry in the series.  I  am on edge for the next books in the series.


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