THE LAST CHANCE MATINEE: Where there’s a Will,…

Last Chance Matinee

last-chance-matinee-9781508236078_hr(Book #1 of The Hudson Sisters Series)
By Mariah Stewart
Read by: Joy Osmanski
Simon and Schuster/Simon and Schuster Audio
March 21, 2017
11 hours and 19 minutes


Audiofile provided by publisher for review. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.


From New York Times bestselling author Mariah Stewart comes the first novel in her all-new series, The Hudson Sisters, following a trio of reluctant sisters as they set out to fulfill their father’s dying wish. In the process, they find not only themselves, but the father they only thought they knew.

When celebrated and respected agent Fritz Hudson passes away, he leaves a trail of Hollywood glory in his wake—and two separate families who never knew the other existed. Allie and Des Hudson are products of Fritz’s first marriage to Honora, a beautiful but troubled starlet whose life ended in a tragic overdose. Meanwhile, Fritz was falling in love on the Delaware Bay with New Age hippie Susa Pratt—they had a daughter together, Cara, and while Fritz loved Susa with everything he had, he never quite managed to tell her or Cara about his West Coast family.

Now Fritz is gone, and the three sisters are brought together under strange circumstances: there’s a large inheritance to be had that could save Allie from her ever-deepening debt following a disastrous divorce, allow Des to open a rescue shelter for abused and wounded animals, and give Cara a fresh start after her husband left her for her best friend—but only if the sisters upend their lives and work together to restore an old, decrepit theater that was Fritz’s obsession growing up in his small hometown in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains. Guided by Fritz’s closest friend and longtime attorney, Pete Wheeler, the sisters come together—whether they like it or not—to turn their father’s dream into a reality, and might just come away with far more than they bargained for.


My Take Oblong Shaped

This story used the old-fashioned will-with-conditions-attached trope.  I thought about it and wondered if something like this could actually happen: could a parent force his/her children to do something onerous to get their behest?  The answer is, that if it does not violate public policy, he and/or she can.

Having learned that, I still wondered about a parent who a. had two families and b. the same day they learn about each other he forces them to get together? What a jerk!?!?!?

Then we find that not only has he hidden his two families but he has hidden his history from the children.

Then he forces them to reside in his old town – the one he didn’t tell them about.  And, he won’t even allow a burial.

I enjoyed the story – this book sets up a series with lots of arcs but there are NOOOOO resolutions. It’s not a cliff hanger but I definitely felt I was left hanging at the end. Argh! It insured my return to the next part of the series.

Two of the three sisters are nice, lad back and thoughtful people. The oldest is a total bitch – a bitter divorcee. The other characters are pretty typical. The wise elderly aunt with a secret, the honest contractor and the ebullient niece.

I thought the narrator did a great job; she gave people good voices and did not, thank goodness, overly age the women’s voices. The guys don’t sound like bellicose teenagers which is a huge plus.

What I found a little weird is an anachronistic set up.  At one point the author mentions that in 1968  it was still controversial for women to drive.  And, the ages seem weird. It is contemporary, but the timing is off; the three sisters  are all younger than I am, and the ages of the members of the previous generation are younger than my parents.  Sure, it’s possible, but it is really unlikely!

I will definitely continue with the series though; I think it has potential.


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