Personal Note

So,  I admit I have been posting less; I have gone from seven to three posts a week.  Life is what happens “when your making other plans,” right?

Well, at this time, besides a regular life, I have a massive home renovation project happening and I have to be available most of the time, a sort of smaller project we are actually doing ourselves at another house,  it’s summer and we have large gardens, and the most important thing, the thing that nothing else matters more than is that my sister’s husband is quite suddenly very ill.  My husband, me, my other sister and I are doing everything we can.  Even my other projects take second, or third,  place.

Mostly it means I am super preoccupied, and doing research, staying ready at a moment’s notice,  and my posts are about to become not necessarily fewer but erratic.

Sorry about that, but I am sure anyone with a family will understand.