HOT PURSUIT Takes Chances When Irritation Turns to Love


Hot Pursuit

HOT PURSUIT CoverJupiter Point Book 5
by Jennifer Bernard
Print Length: 277 pages
Published By: Author
Publication Date: August 29, 2017
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

I voluntarily reviewed an advance readers copy of this book. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.


Disclosure: Jennifer is a friend.


Deputy Will Knight and reporter Merry Warren couldn’t be more different—she’s the queen of questions, he’s the king of no comment. The inquisitive beauty drives Will crazy with her feisty attitude and sassy mouth…the one with the full lips just made for kissing. Not that he’s noticed. Much. He’s too busy working an arson case that may be tied to something bigger, helping his brothers prepare for the opening of their new flight-seeing business, and spending what little free time he has flirting with an online mystery woman.

Merry has enough to deal with without the sexy distraction that is Deputy Knight. She’s currently working undercover on what might be the most important story of her career, avoiding an unwelcome half-brother who’s invaded her life in Jupiter Point, and, oh yeah—her new boss wants her to do a story on a local cold case—the unsolved murder of Will’s father. A painful event he and his brothers are reluctant to relive. And then there’s that online flirtation…

A bossy alpha male with a protective streak a mile wide, and a fiercely independent reporter with a talent for trouble. The sexual tension is three years in the making, and before Will knows it, he’s in hot pursuit of Merry…and they’re both headed straight to danger.



My Take Oblong Shaped


When I read one of Jennifer’s books I take notes on her smart themes and writing. So, I actually take notes – otherwise I just get carried away reading of the story.  The first thing I noted was her use of current social issues as a backdrop for the story. Here she uses opioid addiction.

The most fun thing about the book, well the second most fun thing, is the banter between the reluctant couple is smart and snarky with fewer and fewer barbs as these two realize they are more attracted than repulsed.  I noticed a couple of pages with smart, tart and delicious banter. The most fun is what the banter leads to!  Some of the banter is anonymous – courtesy of the interwebz – but that helps the couple really build their relationship outside the professional milieu that puts them at odds.  It’s an interesting, oppositional dynamic, but even before they become a couple, when push comes to shove they don’t let their differences interfere.. 

The heroine, Merry,  is of mixed race and Jennifer brings racial issues into play as well.  Merry, reflecting she has disliked having to represent realizes  that another character is not just a representative of his profession.  Family dynamics also play out in a very real way, although in a somewhat unrealistic circumstance.

With several steamy series and an erotica pseudonym (Juniper Bell) Jennifer writes awesome, but not inappropriate, love scenes.  I like the maturity of the characters; as they fall in love they do not mistake lust for love. It lends a positive bent to their relationship – empowering their sexuality without gunking it all up.

I felt Jenn could have written the criminal activity more strongly, more definitively. It is a little too light and did not feel very realistic.

With the hotness, the snark and the well-written social issues this book was not only hot – it was interesting and salient.


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