THE FINAL SCORE: Like to Love with a Sports Dynasty!

The Final Score

Final Score_PrintBook 13 in the Play by Play series
Author Jaci Burton
Narrated by Tatiana Sokolov
Published by Tantor Media
Publication date Sep 12, 2017
Running time 9 hrs
E-Book and Paperback
Penguin Random House/Berkley
Sep 12, 2017 | 352 Pages

I voluntarily reviewed an advance readers copy of this book. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.


Final Score coverNathan Riley is ready to follow in the footsteps of his famous football player father. He’s been drafted as quarterback for his dad’s former team, and his future is bright. When his friend Mia Cassidy moves to the same city, their years-long friendship suddenly sparks hot, reminding him of the one night they had together in college that he can never forget.

Like Nathan, Mia is from a sports dynasty family and embarking on an incredible new career—as founder of her own sports management company. Her friendship with Nathan means everything to her, and tossing sex into the mix again could jeopardize it. But the chemistry between them has always sizzled, and it isn’t long before Mia realizes she wants more with Nathan than just late-night talks and pizza.

Passion has a funny way of changing the rules, and soon Nathan and Mia discover that to win it all, they’ll have to make an unexpected play for love.


My Take Oblong Shaped

I found this story fun as two friends make a foray into “more than friends.”
It’s so different from the hate to love ; instead the obstacle is “like,” that is, “friendship” — or the fear of its loss.  What does this tell us about the human condition?  That sex is fraught with emotional issues that change us?  I don’t know what it means, but I am pretty sure the point of this particualr trope is to have us look at the relationships between friendship, sex and love.

I could talk about that, looking at it from a vantage point of 57 years of life and nearly 35 years of marriage.  But, what I think of the issues is not what I am about here today.  After all, this is only slightly less utilized  than the “hate to love”  theme.

Jaci really does some nice steamy, seductive, sheet time with a few semi-public trysts.  It’s vanilla but not boring.  She also looks at Nathan’s issues as a second season, suddenly starting QB who has taken the position after his father retires from it. Talk about pressure.

The narration by Sokolov is really good.  Her guys aren’t just deeper and more gruff; they have character.

Here’s my less than positive issue with the story:  Nathan’s newbie QB issues are understandable, his nonchalance over press coverage is learned through a life of experience with his dad.  Mia’s family, an important part of her claim of experience just out of b-school, is a sports dynasty, so why is she so freaked out about it throughout the book?  And, her starting up a team-based sports management company [I think] right out of business school in San Francisco with it;s super high rents? Well, perhaps she was bankrolled by her sports-dynasty family but, she makes a big deal of doing it on her own. It seems unlikely or, perhaps I missed her lucrative summer job in another book.

I also received this as an e-book and began reading it.  It reads as well in print as in audio.

But, if your willing to overlook these issues then your in for a steamy, lovely narration with lots of fun.


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