Threatening Comments in a Culture of Incivility

A couple of months ago I listened to Scott Adams’ WIN BIGLY (Persuasion in a World Where Facts Don’t Matter
By: Scott Adams, Narrator: Scott Adams, PRHA |Imprint: Penguin Audio) here:

When Facts Don’t Matter are Ethics Important? WIN BIGLY by Scott Adams

I don’t believe had never reviewed anything political before.  I tried to be diplomatic. As requested by the publisher, I put the review on Goodreads, with trepidation:

I received two negative comments and one positive on Goodreads.  Then Friday I got a comment I feel is a threat to me and my “entire bloodline.”

This could be looked at as funny, but since it is Goodreads, my name is included and this person has threatened my “whole bloodline.” In today’s violent world and cultural incivility I find this scary.  When someone can go into a theatre, , or a concert, or a church, or a children’s school and shoot at will, I don’t feel I can ignore this.

No one ever threatened me over a romance or paranormal novel, or any other book I have reviewed.

I contacted Goodreads about the post Friday and again yesterday, but they have not removed it or responded to me.

I need a day to think about it — I don’t get paid for blogging, I have no idea if I should contact the police or an agency.

Have you ever felt threatened by a comment?