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Coming In Hot

COMING IN HOT coverJupiter Point ~ Book 6
(The Knight Brothers)
Print Length: 283 pages
Author Published
Publication Date: November 28, 2017
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

I voluntarily reviewed an advance readers copy of this book. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.

Tobias has always been the strongest of Jupiter Point’s sexy Knight brothers, stubborn, intense…protective to the core. Which is why he rides to the rescue when he thinks an older woman has ensnared his starry-eyed baby brother. But one look at Carolyn Moore, and Tobias understands why a man might fall instantly under her spell. The art history teacher is every inch the “golden goddess” Aiden keeps raving about. Which makes Tobias’s own attraction to Caro incredibly inconvenient.

Carolyn knows she looks the part of the calm, yoga-loving teacher. Beneath the Zen exterior, however, beats the heart of a warrior, trained during a past she’s worked hard to forget. The uber-alpha Tobias may have had it wrong about his little brother, but it’s all Carolyn can do to resist the sexy temptation of the hyper-protective pilot and ex-soldier. She can’t risk a real relationship…especially now that the icy danger of her past is coming back to haunt her.

Carolyn’s had plenty of time to learn how to handle her problems solo, but she’s never wrangled with a Knight brother determined to protect her like his own. This time, when trouble finds her, Tobias has her back—and he’s COMING IN HOT.


My Take Oblong Shaped

Jennifer is an extremely well-educated writer-friend I meet when she visits the area. I am happy to know a woman who has made a living at and found success as a writer through a lifetime of devotion to her craft. 
Our friendship is a great example for how the internet, books, and blogging can change one’s life for the better.

Jenn’s mom is a poet and her father a professor and for a while she felt perhaps romance writing was not up to their standard.  But, as she told me one day, what’s better, or more important, than bringing people romance and love?   But, Jenn also does something special with her romance novels: she empowers the women in these stories with personal growth in overcoming obstacles and prejudices, and developing a positive relationship with another through that growth.

In this story, the female love interest Carolyn Moore came from a scary background that would push any woman away from potential relationships.  And, Tobias is held back by a horrific experience he had as a teen, and subsequent misplaced guilt.

Both are held back by family issues and the subsequent emotional effects, and they lead each other to conquer those issues.

The people in Jupiter Point also lead the two towards solutions; it’s a close-knit and positive group of people. 

Another great thing Jennifer does is write super steamy love scenes, with  agility and elegance.  They are often remarkable.  Sometimes sex scenes make, even me, cringe, but Jennifer creates beautiful prose for this most primal human act.   In this book, in particular, Jennifer writes the best love scenes!

The couple in this story each seems to have or is believed by the other to have, an antipathy about relationships, for different reasons, and Jennifer creates situations that allows them to overcome their problems and it is her writing them out of these beliefs or misconceptions is what gets us to an HEA.

So, good writing, positive, female-centric sex-scenes,  elevates what could be an ordinary romance to a much more elevating form of the romantic novel.  When her character asks to be fucked hard there’s a reason for it beyond the readers’ voyeurism.

It’s unusual to read such in contemporary steamy romance — I have found it more likely in historical novels.  I read a ton of romance novels and I can tell you straight-out that there’s a ton of crummy genre fiction out there.  There are a lot of people who want to be writers it’s the romance of writing. But Jennifer, with her writing, brings the steam and the heat with the heart and mind of a committed writer.


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