Just Good Medicine

Sorry I was absent yesterday.  We are visiting family for the holidays and everyone is sick with a nasty stomach bug.  Everyone except, so far – fingers crossed –  my husband and I.  I spent much of the last two days cleaning up and then cleaning up again, and again.

Now, I offer this caveat: I am not a medical professional and don;t intend this to replace medical advice.  This has helped MY family and I believe it could help others.  BUT, I advise you to ask your doctor about whether it is a good idea for you or whoever you might make it for.

We had to take mom to the hospital as she is too old to have this bug without it being dangerous. She’s fine now and should be getting sprung later today.

BUT, this reminded me of last year when I was taking mom to the hospital and to doctors over and over after she fell and broke a bone at our house.  Mom lives in 3 or 4 different houses and has that many doctors for each ailment.  At 88 she is on a plethora of meds for many ailments. These were all written in faded pencil on a crumbling 3 by 5 card in her wallet. Then she had to tell everyone her illnesses, surgeries and her doctors over and over.  At 88 she wasn’t recalling all the different things she had and was confused about her meds.
Hell – I was confused about them.

Hey, I know this has nothing to do with books except that worrying about mom and trying to keep her info together was a major hassle for mom, me and my sisters and this gave me less time to read and blog. 

I hate a problem and I am a “solver;” I had to come up with a solution that saved time and prevented important information from going unrecorded when needed.  This is a good idea for a new yer’s resolution! 

Using Microsoft Word I created a medical history sheet that could be  printed on both sides and cut up and laminated.
The lamination ended up not being the best thing due to the info changing regularly, thus, we ended up just folding it and reprinting it as needed.

I thought about the medical history questions we always got when we went to the hospital or a new doctor.
Here is a picture of the two side document we bring with us to the doctor and which mom keeps in her purse (when she remembers). Even if the ambulance arrives we are sometimes able to print this out before hand.

This is all printed on one side of an 8 1/2 by 11 piece of paper.  With all the information entered it uses the whole thing.  At least the meds should be with the person at all times and should be regularly updated and checked for wear.  Faded and folded over information doesn’t help.

You may have to play around with the spacing and may find a more comfortable way of arranging it for your needs.  You may find other information needed based on your or your loved one’s needs and history.

If you have an idea or something else has worked for you please tell us.

I originally wanted to put it on a thumb, or flash, drive but was told medical institutions wouldn’t want that because of virus possibilities.  If you are adept with the cloud you may find someway to do it there.

Recently, when my mom was in the ER  my sister pulled this out and the registering nurse was very appreciative and said she had never known anyone else to do this.

I think it is valuable and I urge you to come up with something for yourself and your family members.  Also, at least annually or after medicine changes the form must be updated.  That is why I put an update on the form.

General Medical History ideaPage two usually takes up this whole side.

 General Medical History page 2