TWICE BITTEN but Not Shy at All

Twice Bitten

twice bitten coverAn Argeneau Novel #27
by Lynsay Sands
Harper Collins | Avon
Release date: Mar 27, 2018
Available formats: E-Book (384 pages), Hardcover (304 pages), Mass Market Paperback (373 pages story – 384 pages with front and back matter), and digital audiofile

I voluntarily reviewed an advance readers copy of this book. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.

This post is based-on the Mass Market Paperback edition


Thrilling, witty, and oh-so-sexy, Lynsay Sands’ Argeneau novel brings together a beautiful Immortal and the man who is her destiny…

For someone who’s been around for over a hundred and forty years, immortal Elspeth Argeneau hasn’t done a whole lot of living. Now that she’s moved away from her controlling mother, she’s tracking down rogue vampires and enjoying some overdue freedom. A fling would be fun. A life mate can wait. Yet to Elspeth’s surprise, her landlady’s hot grandson checks both boxes.

Wyatt fell instantly in love with Elspeth four years ago. He’s stunned to run into her again, especially as she has no memory of him. Then again, there are a lot of things about Elspeth that don’t make sense, like the miraculous speed with which her wounds heal. And the chemistry that transforms every touch into an explosion of desire. But with mysterious “accidents” besieging Elspeth, the ex-Special Forces soldier appoints himself her bodyguard. But time is running out to uncover the truth about her enemies—and rediscover the man determined to love her for eternity.


My Take Oblong Shaped

I was so glad to read this book because, while I felt Sands was starting to “phone it in” on this series, in TWICE BITTEN she brings the series back with a fresh look. 

Yes, it follows the series formula, and it is what we expect to read and enjoy with an Argeneau novel, but this one doesn’t focus on Marguerite’s match making, or an Island of Dr. Moreau set-up either.  This one uses the history of the family in a new way – showing the effects of trauma on someone even thousands of years after the fact.  And, it brings us a guy truly committed; in it for the long haul.

This book reinvigorated the series for me  — a controlling mother-figure is something most  can relate to either their own, or a teacher, aunt, boss or whatever.  Sometimes we just can’t get out of this situation (or see the way out) and we need a little help.

Both the Argeneau machine and the new love interest work against the two threats to our heroine, or maybe just one?
 The new love interest is yummy, heroic and stuck like glue.  The other characters are mostly familiar to the series, or even regulars.  A lot of the usual hunters, though, are stuck in the tropics and the last book fighting off the crazy doctor.  That sub-plot made me think this series was on its way out but this one gives me a great feeling. 

There’s a big surprise for one of the older Immortal couples which gives the story a little “awwww” factor. 

In short this story in the series brings back the magic and the enjoyment I have always taken in reading this series.  I have always loved the explanation of the immortality granted to the Argeneaus, the Nottes and other vampire immortal families.  

The big threat and mystery is a little “light” and telegraphed all over the place. But I don’t remember ever being really surprised – the mysteries aren’t really the point to the series.

I would like to know if other fans who feel this way about the book.  It’s fired me up about the series again. 


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