Me, the Snow and LONDON

In just the past two weeks we’ve had a windy Nor-Easter (when of course my husband was away and a big tree fell on a power line as my pizza was being delivered), a less windy but more snowy Nor-Easter and now an effing Blizzardy-Nor-Easter. Aside from sitting around and drinking while I listen to books, I get into a funk and it’s not the kind of funk that writing a review will cure. 

Tomorrow is my husband’s 60th birthday, AND, he has a cold AND everything I was going to do for him that wouldn’t  go into a steamy novel kind of depends on being able to leave the effing house.

There are two ways to make it snow: my husband travels OR it is his birthday.

So, I turn to listening to audio books while I snowblow, exercise, and do my art.

What do you do in a big storm? Read, watch movies?

Today I began listening to a 50 hour fictionalized account of the history of LONDON

By: Edward Rutherfurd
Narrator: Andrew Wincott

Published by Penguin Random House Audio | Imprint: Random House Audio
Genre: Fiction – Historical – General
Release Date: February 27, 2018
49 Hours and 11 Minutes

Edward Rutherfurd’s classic novel of London, a glorious pageant spanning two thousand years. He brings this vibrant city’s long and noble history alive through the ever-shifting fortunes, fates, and intrigues of half-a-dozen families, from the age of Julius Caesar to the twentieth century. Generation after generation, these families embody the passion, struggle, wealth, and verve of the greatest city in the world.



I read Rutherfurd’s book about Sarum (now Salisbury, England) many years ago.  A lot of it stuck with me and I like long audio books, but I will have to listen to other books in between. I am listening at one-and-a-half speed but that still leaves about 30 hours to go….

So far it’s been interesting, if a little jumpy as it careens from one century to the next and uses some writing devices I recall from SARUM: following a family, familial traits, and real history.   It feels meticulously researched and the narrator’s voice is very nice – one of those British accents that makes me think of Downton Abbey.  This is a new audio version of the novel (original publication 1997).

This is the perfect book for a lover of historical fiction, anyone planning to go to London and a lot of other people who love audio books.

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