Hot Licks With Olivia Cunning’s Bad Boys of Rock and Roll

Treasure Me, Trust Me

Treasure Me Trust MeOne Night With Sole Regret Anthology Series, Books 10 & 11
By: Olivia Cunning
Narrated by: Justine O. Keef
Length: 14 hrs and 55 mins
Release date: 02-27-18
Language: English
Publisher: Tantor Audio

I voluntarily reviewed an advance readers copy of this book. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.

In TREASURE ME, Sole Regret’s troubled guitarist, Kellen “Cuff” Jamison, struggles to get over a past love and is hopeful that his new, treasured lover, Dawn O’Reilly, is the balm that will heal his tattered soul. But Dawn’s career as a Hollywood composer is about to take off, and he’d never dream of holding her back. Can their fragile new love overcome his tragic past and her bright future?

In TRUST ME, Sole Regret’s inventive drummer, Gabe “Force” Banner, doesn’t know how to proceed when his life as a rock star is suddenly torn away. His girlfriend, Melanie Anderson, is willing to turn her own stable world upside down for a chance to spend her life with him, but with no stability in his life, he’s not sure he can ask it of her. Can they learn to trust the strength of their love?


Treasure Me: Just after Sole Regret’s soulful guitarist Kellen Jamison traded his five years of abstinence for a good time with a beautiful classical composer, his past comes back to haunt him once again. Unsure if he’ll ever really move on, especially with his departed fiancée’s pregnant doppelganger hanging all over his best friend, Kellen must decide who he treasures most—his talented new lover, the woman he swore to love beyond death, or someone he never expected to want.

Trust Me: Gabe “Force” Banner’s once charmed life is in shambles. The only career he knows and wants is to be the drummer of Sole Regret, so he will try anything to get his band back together. But how can he fix this mess when his bandmates aren’t even speaking to each other? It seems everyone in Gabe’s life is trying to push him forward to find a different career, an alternate path, a new life, but he is more than satisfied with his current gig. The only thing he wants to add to his fortuitous existence is his one, his Melanie. But how can he offer his perfect woman a stable future if he doesn’t know what tomorrow will bring?


My Take Oblong Shaped

I admire Olivia Cunning’s ability to to make the totally impossible lives and affairs of these bad boys of rock and roll both compelling and really hot.  This spin-off  from the Sinners on Tour series features guys with surprisingly old-fashioned values even while having some massively impressive kink.

Again, my issue with audio is that when there are a lot of characters it can be hard to keep them all straight.  Justine O. Keef does a great job delivering the poignant, the ridiculous and even, “the good parts.” And, she must need to turn the AC up on high, or hang out in a snow bank, as she reads some of this.

Throughout the book, the band is going through some hard times, even breaking up due to the singer and the lead guitarist being on the outs.

I liked the “good parts” in the first book where Kellan and Dawn have some blisteringly hot sheet time.  Kellan has been mostly celibate and sort of straight after his first girlfriend dies.  What he has  not done is learn to handle emotions well or come to terms with his attraction to his fellow bandmate. This has turned into a huge rift between Kellan and Owen at a time when their friendship is most important. Dawn is a little more mature than he is, she handles issues a little more intellectually.  And, I like they appreciate each other’s music.

THe second story TRUST ME, visits Gabe, the Q of sex toys, science genius and all around good guy.  His girlfriend’s BFF is a screwed-up nymphomaniac.  He is super kind to both Melanie and her friend.
I didn’t find this story neither as hot, nor as believable as the the TREASURE ME.  He invents amazing sex toys which his previously buttoned-up girl is totally into.
He reminds me of a characters from Joey Hill’s Knights of the Boardroom series who also makes ingenious, but sadly non-existent sex toys.

I’ve enjoyed Cunning’s rock and roll series.  While the endings of both stories felt unfinished I would recommend them to any one who loves Cunning’s bad boys in all their glory.  But, if you have not read her don’t start with this one as it is a little too far into the series.

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