It’s Mostly about Pace with Cat & Bones Extras: OUTTAKES FROM THE GRAVE


OUTTAKES FROM THE GRAVE Audio coverA Night Huntress Outtakes Collection
By Jeaniene Frost
Read by Tavia Gilbert
Format: Digital Download
Available Formats : Digital Download, Digital Rental, CD, MP3 CD
Category: Fiction/Fantasy
Publisher: Blackstone Publishing
Tracks: 29
Runtime: 12.05
Isbn: 9781504710244
Audience: Adult
Language: English

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Revisit Cat and Bones in this companion anthology to the Night Huntress series, and see what could’ve happened.

With deleted scenes—some never-before-seen by the public—and alternate histories, forgotten side-plots, additional love scenes, and increased personal revelations, this anthology is the culmination of the decade’s worth of hidden work that went into Cat and Bones’ story.

While writing the fourth book in the series, author Jeaniene Frost, at the insistence of her husband, pursued the idea of getting the first one, Halfway to the Grave, finally published. Paring her stories down to only the scenes that kept the pacing taut and advanced the main plot was a ruthless process. Though she loved the original versions of the stories, it is sometimes a necessary evil to “kill your darlings,” as Stephen King would say. In the end, it was worth every strike of the pen—Cat and Bones became a reality. The Night Huntress series went on to be a New York Times bestselling series, winning awards and spawning several spin-off series and amassing a cult following across the nation.

Here Jeaniene Frost has amassed all of her extra writings from the first four books which have been heretofore hidden away on old disks and CDs, in long-forgotten emails, and guarded behind password-protected files to reveal the what-could-have-beens in the lives of Cat, Bones, Mencheres, Vlad, and more.


My Take Oblong Shaped


“Outtakes,” isn’t precisely correct as a label — I would use a phrase from when film for movies was edited by being cut, spliced, and “left on the cutting room floor.”  Everything in this release was cut at some point in the writing and publishing process, and, according to the author, it was usually about pacing.  And, with the author notes provided with each chapter, she was often unhappy about it.   As it’s been at least two years since I have had the opportunity to hang out with Cat & Bones and their pals , I immediately downloaded this book when I saw it was part of the romance package on Audible.

I enjoyed the deleted scenes and chapters, but I had to remember these scenes were not part of, and did not have an impact on, the series.  They didn’t add to the direction of the story lines.

Cat and Bones were, as always, a compelling pair fighting a variety of evil doers.  Sadly, I do not recall all the facts from each of the books, and so the intended location of each bit offered, is not always one I recall with alacrity.

The narrator does a great job, but I always felt that, after the two hundred plus years of Bones’ life,  his accent and mode of expression would have become more Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and less like Crocodile Dundee.  I always imagine his voice as liquid velvet. This Bones sounded a little grating to me.

For lovers of the series who miss their annual or semiannual dose of Cat and Bones, a couple who beat the odds to be together.   But, if you haven’t read the series it would be a futile exercise to start here.

In reading this I have discovered a bunch of new books in spin-offs from this series so I am going to check them out.

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