EU Compliance is NOT my Superpower

Aside from having to travel this week, I spent the time I would have passed blogging trying to figure out the new EU policies. As far as I can tell, this means I have removed nearly everyone who read the blog by email. And, I had to create a new privacy policy.

I have totally demonetized the blog – I think I did so totally over a year ago. I rarely have contests, and have pretty much realized two or three people read me on any given day. The only data I collect is via these third-party people who allow you to follow or whatever. Besides that it is so hard to figure out what all this means to little old FW&FD. It’s getting so weird I wonder that anyone blogs anymore. If there were a way to deny access to users in the EU I would – not because I don’t love them but because it is so hard to figure this out.  On the other hand, like everyone else, the cookies that seem to track your everywhere are really annoying.  I was searching for info on a religious convention in my town this weekend so I could avoid traffic snarls and well, I can imagine what I will see on my FB pages all week so I understand the impulse to restrict cookies.

There’s a problem with the internet having become a way of selling to and controlling people via information and the little people like me who just want to blog a little bit.

But, if you two or three people wonder what’s been going on it has been this new law, travel for family needs, opening and working on the camp, cleaning the house and yard, and a variety of other things that take more time than there is very day.

Sorry, I am not all that present this week: wouldn’t having superpowers be cool!