BRIDAL GIRL: Suffering in Silence

Bridal Girl

Bridal Girl-audio coverBook 3 in the Blogger Girl series
Author Meredith Schorr
Narrated by Rachel Dulude
Published by Tantor Media
Publication date May 8, 2018
Running time 9 hrs

I voluntarily reviewed an advance readers copy of this book. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.

Sassy book blogger-turned-author, Kim Long, thought her life couldn’t get any pinker when she received a two-book publishing deal and a marriage proposal in the same night.

If only she could drown out the conflicting opinions of her overzealous bridal party.

If only everyone would adore her first book—or she’d take Nicholas’s advice and stop reading reviews.

If only Nicholas’s past would remain there rather than threaten their future.

The pressure is on and the clock is ticking. Will Kim ever write “The End” on her sophomore novel? And, will she and Nicholas make it down the aisle to say those two precious words: “I do?”



My Take Oblong Shaped

As a blogger, like the character in this story – that is primarily in the romance genre (she is mostly chick lit which I think of as a sassy romance) – I was automatically interested in this series. I gobbled up the second story and was excited for the third. The issues around communication here were central to the story. In the last one, Nicholas was a bit weird about sharing but in this one it’s more Kim who can’t fess up to almost anything with anyone.

While she tells Nick the presence of his old flame is annoying and to handle it, she hides so many things from so many characters that I cannot imagine her friends and family, not to mention her fiance, do not all ditch her halfway through the book. Somehow, the lack of communication skills, one of my least favorite tropes, is mitigated by the very real stress a woman planning a wedding, trying to come up with a second novel, and with an assortment of additional crises, might experience.  But, Kim chooses to go it alone, nearly ruining her friendships, and her love life with her inarticulate inaction.

While it’s hard to argue that the stress would be immense in the situations in which Kim finds herself, it’s tough to imagine that someone who could blog and write a book, that is a verbal person, couldn’t tell her friends, family, fiance, or her boss, what was happening.

I did like how, as has been the case for me, a high school frenemy becomes someone to trust.  She’s still a jerk personality-wise but this girl is a helper!

As with the other book in the series I listened to, NOVELISTA GIRL, Rachel Dulude does a great job,  What I said then applies today:

The narrator, Rachel Dulude, is fresh and has an age-appropriate voice with little, if any, affectation of the stage. While the book is written in the first-person, it’s reflective – like someone telling me a story rather than the stream of consciousness, go-pro camera p.o.v.s I usually dislike. Dulude’s narration felt like a friend explaining her recent life to me.

I did feel the story went on too long, with too many failed shopping expeditions and one crisis after another. This bride had a rainy experience while planning and right up until the very end they had issue after issue.  Does it all work out in the end? You’re going to have to read/listen to find out.


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