ONE SUMMER NIGHT: Sweet and Hot on the Jersey Shore

One Summer Night

One Summer Night coverBook 1 in the At the Shore series
By Caridad Pineiro
Narrated by Veronica Worthington
Publisher Tantor Media
Publication date Feb 6, 2018
Running time 8 hrs 24 min


I voluntarily reviewed an advance readers copy of this book. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.


What Happens At the Shore
Stays At the Shore

Come and Meet Maggie, Connie, and Emma

These three Jersey Girls are in
for the surprise of their lives as love finally drags them
to the altar for their own Happily-Ever-After.

Maggie Sinclair, Connie Reyes, and Emma Grant have been best friends for years. The three women are as different as they come, but that has only helped sustain them during the trying times in their lives, like the marriage of yet another one of their acquaintances. As they stand at the altar, always as bridesmaids, they are the only single women who remain from their circle of college friends and business colleagues.

Successful women in their own right, they’re not in a rush to do the dash up the aisle, but Fate has a way of shaking the foundations of their very settled lives.


Everyone knows about the bad blood between the Pierces and Sinclairs. Their families are supposed to hate each other, but Owen has been watching Maggie from afar for years. Whenever he can get down to the shore, he strolls the sand hoping for a chance meeting—and a repeat of the forbidden kiss they shared one fateful summer night.

If only he knew whether she felt the same way.

When Owen hears that Maggie’s in trouble, he doesn’t hesitate to step in. Maggie’s about to lose the family business, and she’s even mortgaged her beloved house on the Shore. She has no choice but to accept Owen’s help. But what’s he going to demand in return?


My Take Oblong Shaped


Caridad writes some naive, sweet romance oozing with sincerity.  You can tell she is a writer who feels for both her characters and her readers. SHe also cares powerfully about the Jersey Shore where she lives. 

I almost titled this post “Revenge is a Dish Best Left Unserved.” Or ” how “How Parents Fuck Up.”  In part this story is about parents screwing up and holding serious grudges.  One is shrewd, mean and successful in business, the other is kind but not faring so well in the business department. They’re both stuck in the past and being jerks, or in the case of Owen’s father a truly bad actor.

The book is also about love and attraction, and trying to deny both. But, after being raised to be distrustful of each other  Maggie can’t turn that off completely.  But Owen is afraid of losing his dad and made a deal with him that he had no intention of completing. They both fail to communicate and (you may know this) that is my least favorite trope.  The couple has real issues to manage and the choice to make it about  not communicating, instead of working on the issues takes away from them learning to deal with issues together. Even knowing their individual secrets will not make the issues disappear. So there could have been ample conflict without it.

I think Caridad writes steamy scenes nicely, with passion and without vulgarity.  They do get hot, but Caridad also makes it a sweet love story.

This is the first book narrated by Veronica Worthington that I’ve read. Her voice is pleasant and non-nasal, she doesn’t overly exaggerate her cadence. She did a great job.

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