Claimed in Shadows

CLAIMED IN SHADOWS coverBook 15 in the Midnight Breed series
Author Lara Adrian
Narrated by Hillary Huber
Published by Tantor Media
Publication date Mar 30, 2018
Running time 8 hrs

I voluntarily reviewed an advance readers copy of this book. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.


As the son of a formidable Breed warrior, Aric Chase has been devoted to the Order all his life. With his training completed, all he needs is one successful mission before he can join the fight to destroy the Order’s chief nemesis, Opus Nostrum. His rare ability to daywalk lands Aric an assignment in Montreal, where he learns he’s to be teamed with another new recruit, a beautiful but tough-as-nails Breedmate named Kaya Laurent.

Independent and driven, Kaya wants nothing more than to become a full-fledged member of the Order. Having grown up in squalor and neglect on the streets of Montreal, she longs for the close-knit family she’s found during her training to be a warrior. Eager to prove herself, she is thrilled to be given the chance at a key operation—even if she must share the mission with an arrogant, far-too-seductive Breed male who’s practically Order royalty. Their unwanted partnership soon erupts into a desire neither of them can resist. But when Kaya’s past reaches out from the shadows to call her back, she must decide between protecting a dark alliance that could shatter her dreams of joining the team and a truth that could not only forfeit Aric’s faith in her, but bring the enemy right to the Order’s door.


My Take Oblong Shaped

I have been reading this series for quite some time (I may have missed one or two) and even when the novels are filled with action, treachery and danger,  they are also romantic and steamy — often super-steamy. I like that Adrian decided to advance the series in time and, mostly, to the next generation. I do find the breed, as the species is written, to be very militaristic.  Granted, the world has been hostile to them, both in the past and the present, but they should have something beyond war; some kind of art and culture. 

There are some surprises in this story, but the breedmate and warrior mating formula is pretty well established, and the new relationship is the unique part of each book. The thread holding the series together, is whichever threat is current.  The romance is not where the biggest twist lies, although in this case it’s a little different and interestingwithi n the established series’ formula. I guess it is a little different.

The entire storyline moves forward, although slowly. This part of the series, the new generation, is dealing with a new threat, Opus Nostrum.  Where the threat used to be the original alien progenitors of the Breed, it now seems to be a coalition of Anti-Breed humans and Atlanteans. Kaya, the new breedmate, is French-Canadian and she has some secrets she’ hasn’t not revealed. Not having revealed these seemed the least believable aspect of the story.

I believe Hillary Huber has narrated all the books in the series.  I have heard her read  at least nine books, and her soft and sultry voice is always relating a secret — sometimes I get the feeling that she is excited about it and at others perhaps a bit malicious. She does a reasonable job with both genders.

There’s no enormous, series-changing revelation in this book although there are important events. Fans of the series will find the bits and pieces of characters’ story arcs that are tied up, and how the characters interact and continue to develop is remarkably consistent.  Adrian has excellent continuity. 

As the 15th book, though this is not a place to start the series. I actually started at the first, and sexiest, book. You would not regret that one.  And if you are a fan, you’ll definitely want to keep up with this one.



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