An Enigma and a Road Trip: THE RUNAWAY

The Runaway


The-Runaway-EBOOK coverThe Rockwell Legacy, Book 4
by Jennifer Bernard
March 5, 2019
Published by Jennifer Bernard
E-Book and Paperback | 286 pages

I voluntarily reviewed an advance readers copy of this book. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.

He knew she’d be nothing but trouble…

The moment she drifted into his marina, Mark Castellani knew Gracie was different. Resisting the blond pixie’s breezy approach to life is difficult, but Mark’s had years of practice living for simple pleasures that don’t extend beyond the next sunrise. Why long for anything lasting when he knows how quickly his whole world can be flipped upside down?

A bombshell long-lost memory finally explains why Gracie Rockwell never quite fit in with her boisterous family—she isn’t a Rockwell, after all. Desperate for answers, she leaves her beloved Rocky Peak Lodge in search of the little boy who saved her so long ago. Did he grow up to be the gorgeous-but-guarded Mark Castellani? What does he know about her true origins? If only she could pry some answers from her enigmatic new boss—and get rid of her massive crush.

But while she’s eager to uncover the past, he’d rather bury it forever. Mark was right—Gracie is the kind of trouble he never wanted. But she’s exactly the trouble he needs. 


My Take Oblong Shaped


With more twists than the Devil’s Highway, an irrepressible heroine and a brooding hero; not to mention a cast of hot siblings, Jennifer Bernard’s newest book — out today — is a “unputdownable” read.  Just when I thought the lusty couple end a fight, or solve a puzzle — just when t=you think they might ride off into the sunset something else pops up to get in the way.  And, there should be a “to-be-continued” emblem on the last page because, while we aren’t subjected to a life or death cliff-hanger, we are left with a mystery to wonder about  until the next book comes out.

The connection between the book’s love interests arises from a serious event that could have been ripped from the headlines.  Jennifer would not have had to go far to research the effects of such an event on the individuals involved.  And she paints an interesting picture of the places some of the characters think of as home and another character’s personal hell. And, yay! a road trip with diner food, too many shots, and miles and miles of togetherness as the characters get to know each other as equals and not a personnel/boss relationship.

The characters are fun, and except for Gracie and Mark not too deeply drawn.  But, in a shorter work of steamy, suspenseful romance, characters are often left a little blank.  I personally feel this is to allow the reader to insert his or her self into the character’s place; like the bubble-bath of TV of advertising fame, take us away to a fantasy world.  In this case I think Gracie is confused as she has left the only family and home she has known and gone on a quest.  Mark is bound to become her knight

This book takes you from Southern California’s coast to the Cascades and beyond. And I, for one, am  looking forward to the next book – I hope Jennifer solves Gracie’s mysterious beginnings.  I need to go back and catch up on the series, but this is fine as a stand-alone.



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