TWISTED TWENTY-SIX: Stephanie Plum Feels She is Boring

Twisted Twenty-Six

A Stephanie Plum Novel
Written by: Janet Evanovich
Read by: Lorelei King
6 Hours and 44 Minutes
Genre: Fiction – Mystery & Detective – Women Sleuths
Release Date: November 12, 2019

This isn’t just another case. This is family.

How far will Stephanie Plum go to protect the one person who means the most to her? The stakes have never been higher in this #1 New York Times bestseller from Janet Evanovich.

Grandma Mazur has decided to get married again – this time to a local gangster named Jimmy Rosolli. If Stephanie has her doubts about this marriage, she doesn’t have to worry for long, because the groom drops dead of a heart attack 45 minutes after saying, “I do.”

A sad day for Grandma Mazur turns into something far more dangerous when Jimmy’s former “business partners” are convinced that his new widow is keeping the keys to a financial windfall all to herself. But the one thing these wise guys didn’t count on was the widow’s bounty hunter granddaughter, who’ll do anything to save her.


I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader’s copy of this book. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.


Stephanie has some new thoughts in this volume of the novel but the thoughts don’t really foment any action, although like the last few novels in the series, I get tantalizing glimpses of something starting to move.  And, since time seems to be moving really slowly (How long do hamsters live anyway?) I figure Grandma and possibly Steph’s parents may be dead before she gets anywhere with either of her beaus or her career.  The thought sparking Steph up in this one is that she is boring and a loser. 

I feel like I have thought that with each of the past few novels, and that, certainly, in the next book either Joe or Ranger would come up to scratch,  that Steph would go to school or SOMETHING.

I enjoy these books, their sameness, the comedy and the endless situations in which Steph, et al. seem to find themselves. 

In Look Alive Twenty-Five the book ends \with Granda Mazur calling to tell Steph she’s taken off with mobster Jimmy Rosolli.  his book opens with us learning they married and that he died about 45 miniutes later.  But everyone thinks he left her some big mob secret – either physical or a pin number or a combination that somehow has the particular mob cell’s money or something tied-up and they want it.  When the mob wants something they think you have they don’t really care if you don;t have it.  Add the mob to Jimmy’s family and ex-wives and Grandma’s got a target on her back and pretty much everyone in Steph’s posse is trying to help. 

The book follows the formula we’re accustomed to with the requisite number of cars blowing up, dangerous moments with creepy mobsters, twists, trysts and a little Ranger on the side.

Even with the formula, I enjoy Evanovich’s witty writing.  On page one, she describes Grandma Mazur “She had the posture and energy of a twenty-year -old marine, but gravity had taken its toll.  She carried slack skin over lean muscle and spindle bone ans was in  many respects the human version of a soup chicken.” (Janet Evanovich, Twisted Twenty-Six, Penguin Audio, page 1).  This made me laugh out loud as I was jogging and nothing make exercise go by faster than laughing with a funny book. The long-term narrator, Lorelei King is  Stephanie Plum, and has great comedic delivery, that lends more snark to Stephanie’s wry-humor. Plus, she has good pronunciation and speaks clearly.

If you groove on the Plum series this is definitely one for you.  The book could stand-alone, but you would cheat yourself to start here — there’s just too much back story you will want to have. But, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy this series.