Sort of Going My Own Way

Dear Friends,

It been a while now since I have woken up excited to blog.  My heart just is not in it anymore.

    The move to WordPress  has been nightmarish and expensive; the tech is really complicated and I have been told to just have my tech department handle an issue!  Hah!

I may move the blog back to Blogger, but it’s gone from 7 days, to 4 days, to 2  days, to now, whenever I feel like it.  I’ve felt addicted to the books arriving from publishers, but there is so much more in my life now than when I started up in March of 2010 when I was on a hiatus from  my artistic endeavors.  Since then I have gotten back to work and also have some additional property to manage.  

And, I’m feeling there may actually be fewer than than the seven stories of legend. and I am beginning to find that narrators are beginning to sound the same (unless they’re really, really bad). There’s real pressure to be positive about even the crappiest book — not from the publisher – but the public. 

I am not pulling away entirely.  I may do something once a week or so.  But, do to the new complexities in the universe, and because I doubt anyone even reads this other than Sophia and Mary, I am ambivalent to maintain the feed.  There are many recipients but few people open their newsletter.

It’s been a decade, and that is enough.  I can buy my own books. I get very little interaction on the blog these days, but I have made some good friends who I hope to keep. A lot of my readership falling off has also been because I had no time to visit other blogs and I no longer participate in the blogging community.  I think I am just done-ish.

Thanks for all being so GREAT!!