I publish 3 to 4 days a week

NOT ACCEPTED: I do NOT accept spotlights, or pure promotional posts. My readers deserve more than that, I strive to offer new and original content 3 to 4 days a week. I take ads and taking pure promotion is not fair to anyone who advertises with me. I will not respond to these requests and/or will mark them as spam.

Currently not accepting review requests for print or e-books. I will consider audio review requests.  I still review print but have a big backlog. Guest posts are possible. Please see policy below.I will not respond to any requests that fall outside these parameters.

I review romance & erotica, literary fiction, mystery and women’s fiction, Occasionally, and through my own interest I will look at relevant non-fiction.

Any unsolicited physical book (finished or ARC) sent to me will be kept, read or disposed of at my discretion.


And, just to put it out there I do not review the following because they are not my thing. I will not respond to review requests  for any of these.

  • Self Published/Vanity Press work without reference from fellow blogger or agent. I applaud you putting the work up—it takes guts. However, I just don’t have the time to do your piece justice. If I already know you or you’re leaving mainstream for self-publishing get in touch and we can talk about it.
  • Graphic Novels, Manga or Anime unless relevant and a spin off of one of the above.There are people who are experts at this.
  • All Young Adult (under 18)
  • High Fantasy unless I request it.
  • Horror
  • Books with a religious agenda or theme.

Guest Posts & Promotion

I think of guest blogs or guest posts as a wonderful boon,  I have a few issues for which the policy applies immediately.  A guest post still takes quite a bit of time to set up so it should be worth my readers’ time as well as mine.

  • A guest post must be substantially new and unique, and exclusive to Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust.
  • I do search on the post before posting it.

CONSIDERATION: I consider Guest Posts IF they come:

  • Through a prior relationship with an author or publicist,
  • Through a mainstream or established Indy Press.

PHOTOS AND IMAGES: Please attach images separately and not inside a word document. Please treat photographs and images as you would like your own work to be treated. Only use photos you have permission to use. I will not use photos or images that you have not been granted permission to use.  Images in the Public Domain or with a clearly stated license are acceptable. GFL and CC licenses are not the same as public domain and require attribution. Please send a link to the attribution and permission.  By submitting a photo you are confirming that you have permission to use a photo. Any actions or monetary disputes arising over the use of an image accompanying a Guest Blog will be the sole responsibility or the author or the author’s representative. By sending me a photo to use  in a post you are accepting these terms and agree to accept all liability arising from improperly attributed or used photos. LINKS:  Please send the entire link. DO NOT send links without the target=”_blank” attribution.



In ALL MATTERS, including but not limited to: giveaways, reviews, guest posts and interviews please note the blogger retains all editorial decisions. I reserve the right to respectfully edit content, and to include photos. While I have expanded my accepted genres to include anything I want to read, I am not accepting review requests.


Updated August 19, 2016

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